Association of Blind Indoor Bowlers Inc.


Rules and Overview

Indoor bowls is played on a felt mat, twenty two feet long by six feet wide. There is a square marked on each end of the mat in the centre. It is about two feet square. This is where the bowler delivers their bowl from.The game is played a little like lawn bowls and teams can be comprised of four players, three players, pairs or of course we also play singles. We play the game pretty much the same as the sighted would. The only difference is, we are allowed to have a sighted helper, or as we call them, guide, that shows us the green with a white paddle or for the totally blind, they stand beside them and tell them where the jack is and where from the box to deliver the bowl from.
With the guides help, we are also able to go out and play against the sighted in their clubs with matches played regularly throughout the year.For people interested the Blinds Sports SA meet at the Royal Society for the Blind at Gilles Plains.