Blind Sports SA Gym and Fitness


Currently the BSSA gym at Gilles Plains is open on Saturday mornings from 10am until 12noon.

Facilities include the gym, which is equipped for both strength and cardiovascular workouts, an indoor heated pool, and an oval, all within very close vicinity. We currently have a small group of approximately 6-8 young athletes who join us on a regular basis.
Our aim at the BSSA gym is to promote being healthy and active. We work on increasing fitness with team-based cardio activities. Whilst doing this we also try to encourage a friendly and social atmosphere which some kids have not had the opportunity to be a part of before.

As well as working in groups we understand that there is a very diverse range of abilities in our group and so some individual or paired activities are also participated in. These can range from kicking the soccer ball to a full strength workout in the gym.
We also encourage a brief understanding of the concept of health and the human body. Such as explaining why we do our stretches before and after our sessions. Our program at the gym proves to be quite beneficial for those who attend in more ways than one.

Depending on the individual, they may already be quite active but their confidence increases noticeably, friends and contacts are formed helping athletes move in the right direction to accomplish their goals in life.
The gym is open during school terms and so we are shut during all school holidays. We would love to have more people join us as it would benefit all involved. There is no commitment to be at the gym every weekend and so if you are interested at all feel free to come and have a look, we would love to see you there.